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I want someone to love me so much that they wouldn’t dream of talking to another girl. I think that I deserve that. I want someone to love me so much that I never have to question it. I want someone to love me so much that there isn’t a single doubt in my mind. I want them to be worthy of my love, I want them to be committed and loyal and loving. I want them to respect me and cherish me and make me their number one. I want them to be ready and willing to love me until the end of time.

Maybe I want you to tell me there’s nothing to worry about. Maybe I want you to tell me I’m bring over dramatic and don’t know what I saw. Maybe I want you to prove to me why I should still be waiting for you to be ready. I just want you to fight for me. Is that too much to ask for?


I could be completely and utterly wrong about last night. I could completely be jumping to conclusions but I’m tired of feeling like I’m the one fighting to be with him. For once, I’d love for someone to fight to be with me or to fight for me. For once, I’d love for him to say no, you’re wrong,…

I wish you loved me and fought for me and told me that you’ll make everything right. I wish you would make things up to me and explain yourself and make me feel better.

"A reminder—I’m in love with you, I know it. I will sew your seams together on the days when they’re unraveling.
I didn’t know it was possible for people as wonderful as you to have these kind of days, the ones that beat you up and leave you feeling alone—but I will get you through them. These are my bad days; I hope you do the same.
A reminder—my lips will turn into knives and leave wounds,
and that is the only affiliation I have with the kitchen.
A reminder—there are tsunamis in my eyes every summer.
The sun leaves me with a hungry heart that weeps,
and she is not quiet.
A reminder—my mind is a desert,
dune after dune, memory upon memory;
over and over again.
I like to talk about the way the ocean sounds twice a day;
I promise to hold you in between then.
A reminder—I don’t like apologizing, I pretend to think it’s weak; really, I know it is the strongest thing to do. I will say sorry when I hurt you.
A reminder—sometimes I forget about the people who love me, and only focus on the ones who don’t.
Be my reminder—don’t let me turn those days into bad ones, especially now that I have you."

- No Bad Days, S.Skavdahl (via sunflowury)

(via sunflowury)


This tweet is so important to me

I want him to be happy. I think that’s what love is. I’m not sure.

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Hurting him didn’t make me feel better. It made me feel like shit.

She knows.


Virgo can taste your lies. If she tries to ignore them she will tear herself up from the inside out. Daily these thoughts will roll around her mind though she will generally keep quiet about it. Even if you forget those ‘little things’, Virgo has not and when proof of your untruths come to light, she won’t be lenient. 

Virgo will not so much waste her time holding a grudge against you. She will, however, coldly excommunicate you from her emotional life without second thought. 

Froback Thursday #seewhatIdidthere

And my heart hurts.

I wish things were easier.

I wish he didn’t make things so complicated.

I need to be alone.